I have experienced a very harmonious and positive transition period with my desired successor. She has proven to be a worthy successor during these years, so it is now time for me to retire from practicing with her. She will now continue to run my former practice on her own with her expertise especially in degenerative cervical diseases and as a prudent and successful surgeon. I wish her continued success in this endeavor.

Planning 2022

However, I do not want to retire completely from my beloved specialty and will continue on a reduced scale and train in special pain therapy.

With my colleague and longtime friend, Dr. Richard Ibrahim, I have found a partner with whom I can continue to pass on my knowledge of microsurgical pain therapy in the lumbar spine for prolapse and above all stenosis within an interdisciplinary framework and continue my training in pain therapy procedures.

I will offer a personal spine pain consultation in the practice of Dr. Ibrahim and colleagues in spring and also perform microsurgical procedures on the lumbar spine in the Clinic Dr.Decker. The start of my practice will be announced here and on the website: www.dribrahim.de in a timely manner.

If you have images and/or reports, you are welcome to continue to print out my online consultation form and send me the images for evaluation. You will then receive appropriate feedback. This service is free of charge for you, except for the postage for returning your documents.

Dr. Frank
Clinic and partners